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Billing Professional Services

We service the following professions:

Mental Health

Family Medicine


Internal Medicine

Dollar Bills

Insurance Verification

With insurance verification, we contact your patient's insurance carrier to get  all policy information necessary for us to submit claims with little chance of rejections.

We provide Insurance Verification as an optional add-on service.  Contact us for more information.



Another add-on service we provide is Authorization.

We will contact the patient's insurance to obtain the authorization prior to their visit  if any, which is another tool in our arsenal to minimize claim rejections.

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Electronic Billing

We bill claims electronically using Change Healthcare as our clearinghouse,  a trusted clearinghouse, facilitating submitting clean claims for faster reimbursement.


This will also give us the ability to work with claims that are rejected by the payer in real time.

Your Account Receivables will not suffer.  Our team is committed, dedicated, and assertive in getting the job done.

Credit Assessment


With our years of experience in collections, we have the time to do consistent follow-ups on patient accounts where payers have outstanding balances.  

At PMBS our goal is going to be to dedicate our time to making sure that claims are paid with the insurance carriers, in order to considerably increase your cash flow.

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ERA Posting 

We use the ERA Posting Module available from Change Healthcare to help us resolve any issues that may arise with your claims. 

Getting corrected claims back to the payer to ensure prompt payment is our main concern.

EOB's are posted to patient accounts for accurate accounting of charges, credits, and adjustments.

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